Why RENT with us

With a surplus of potential tenants and a shortage in rental housing, the rental market in the GTA and surrounding areas is at an all-time competitive level. Whether you’re a tenant looking for housing or a landlord needing to fill a vacancy, we ensure an educative customer service approach to making the entire process as simple and easy as possible. We will be there each step of the way to guide you through the process. Our responsiveness, communication and attention to detail is essential in helping you attain your goals.



We will compare your property to the immediate and surrounding areas and provide you an accurate market value for your rental property.


Your listing will be marketed  via the Multiple Listings Service (MLS), our networks, social media and rental search engines.

Property Management

We offer our clients property management services tailored to their needs for all types of single or multi-unit dwellings.

Tenant Qualification

We review each applicant’s employment history, credit report, reference checks and financial obligations and standings as part of our screening process to ensure you have a suitable & qualified tenant for your home.


Lease Agreement

We take care of completing the tenancy agreement contract between the landlord and tenant outlining all essential terms and rights for each party.

Document Preparation

With such low inventory levels in the city, demand is high and renting a property can be a competitive sport. We help you prepare the necessary documents to create a winning rental application/bid.